Guess what? Thats right, this new gameplay was leaked on the internet yesterday. This is a simple gameplay of the new upcoming awesome game, Modern Warfare! To me, it looks like "zombie" gameplay and it looks amazing. Get this game for free from Points2Shop. (pre-order from
Here is another video of Modern Warfare 2, this looks more like a single player campaign. Even though someone used a really crappy cideo camera to record this, graphics still look pretty impressive. This game should be an awesome addition to my COD collection. 
PS3 Slim.. 08/27/2009
It has been confirmed, new PS3 slim is out! It will be available for $299 on September 1, 2009. So, for all of you who waited for a big price drop, save up your money and run to the stores on the 1st, this is a GREAT deal. You get a firmware upgradable blu-ray player, a powerful video gaming console, free online play and much much more with this great purchase. Don't hasitate and get it as soon as it is released. I'm almost thinking of selling my old 'fat' ps3 to get this new 120 gb, slim version. Also, if you bought your 'fat' ps3 within the past few days you can get a free game from bestbuy once the slim comes out, they made this so that people will not return their fat ones and get a new one. Thanks for reading and take care!
Mafia II 08/23/2009
This games looks awesome! I'm so looking forward to getting this game, I can't wait. Graphics look amazing, gameplay should be sweet, and the story hopefully is amazing! Pre-order this game for free from Points2Shop.

Here are some FAQ from Mafia II forum:

Q: When is Mafia II coming out?
A: Mafia II is currently scheduled for early 2010 release (January-April) and has no exact release date set yet. Any dates provided by online retailers are just their estimations and thus shouldn't be taken as trustworthy nor official.

Q: On which platforms will Mafia II be availiable?
A: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC

Q: Will Mafia II have a time exclusivity on consoles?
A: No, Mafia II is going to be released simultaneously for all three platforms.

Q: What hardware does the PC version require?
A: This has been not specified yet, but 2K Czech's Illusion Engine has a uniqe streaming technology to keep the requirements mainstream friendly even with the benchmark-setting quality.

Q: Does Mafia II feature any multiplayer mode?
A: No, the developers at 2K Czech are heavily focusing on telling a complex story with strong narrative and rather than experimenting with multiplayer, they spend their time on polishing every aspect of singleplayer experience.

Q: Are Joe and Eddie the guys from the ending cutscene in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven?
A: Nobody knows and this probably won't change until we get our hands on the game.

Q: Are there any connections to the stroyline of original game in Mafia II?
A: There are some ties and reminders for Mafia fans, but they do not play a key role in Mafia II's story.

Q: Is there going to be any freedom of choice during missions?
A: Yes, players will have to make some important decisions at several points of the story. Also, some missions can be executed in two or more different ways.

Q: Does Mafia II feature multiple endings?
A: Yes, Mafia II can conclude in four different endings.

Q: How do the missions look like? Are there any side missions?
A: Each mission in the game tells a story of one important day in the life of Vito Scaletta. As the missions are quite complex, they do include some optional objectives which perfectly fit into the plot and the setting of given mission. There are time jumps between missions, so we definitley won't experience every single day of the 10 years period which Mafia II story covers.

Q: Do money play some role in Mafia II? Is it possible to buy food, clothes or cars in game?
A: These are not the main features of the game, but yes. Buying food restores your overall health, changing clothes can help you to confuse the police and the same goes for buying cars. Cars can be also repaired or re-sprayed in repair shops for a reasonable price.

Hope you found it useful. Thanks to 2K Elizabeth for making this happen and to Mr Crazy and Dominick who helped with submitting questions.
Final Fantasy XIII is a console role-playing game being developed by Square Enix. It is stated to be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 in Japan, and on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Europe and North America. This awesome next-gen game will be released on Dec 31, 2010. It is already available for pre-order from If you are exited about this game as much as I am you can go ahead and pre-order it right now, or you can get it for free from here
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They did it again, another map pack for this great game. It will be out tomorrow. I love this game and I play it a lot. I'm both happy and mad about this update. First of all, I have already spend almost 90 bucks on this game (well, maybe I didn't, I got this game for free from Points2Shop, and bought the maps with Free PSN Cards) and I'm not happy about paying another $9.99 + Taxes for these maps. I think they should have did what they did with Killzone 2, each map pack at 6 bucks and all three for 13 dollars, now that sounds like a great deal, doesn't it? Well, anyways I don't think I will be getting this, at least not now, I just spent my Free PSN Card on Battlefield: 1943, which is a great game by the way.  Here is what Joystiq said about this map pack:
"we'd like to point out that the game's developer, Treyarch, has finally gone all the way off the deep end and thrown in teleporters. Between the Nazi zombies and now this, we're getting all verklempt for the old days with Wolfenstein. What fun we had! Anyway, if this is your kind of thing, get your 800 ($10) and $9.99 ready to go for when the pack digitally arrives on XBLM and PSN (respectively) tomorrow."
COD:WAW Map Pack 3
COD:WAW Map Pack 3
free_call_of_duty_world_at_war2_map_pack 3
COD:WaW Map Pack 3
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