60 millions dollars on a game? Yep, you heard it right, that's how much it has cost Polyphony Digital to develop this one game. They have spent 5 years on developing this game and it is still not done. The number came from creative lead Kazunori Yamauchi who was on-hand demoing his game. The reason why it is taking so long and costs so much money, is because in order to "get it right", you have to spend money and time. Yamauchi also added that "we threw the legacy code from GT4 and started from scratch ... It's been five years from GT4 and that's the same amount of time it took to develop the first GT4." Even though he didn't give a date when the game will be out, he did say, "That's more depending on SCEA marketing decisions."
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gran turismo 5
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Have you played Gran Turismo 5: Prologue? Did you like it? if you did you will be psyched about the full version that is coming out in March. This was only announced today at the second Sony press conference at Tokyo Game Show. There are not much information on this game yet, but once I get some more news, I will post it here. Since its still a good chunk of time from the release, but I sure am excited! This game is 3rd on my list after Modern Warfare 2, and Uncharted 2. Want to get this game for free? Check out Points2Shop.
Gran Turismo 5
Amazon has listed Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition for 30 dollars. Both for Xbox 360 and PS3. Even thought Amazon did not say what they meant by 'Complete Edition", most likely it will include some downloadbles. I have not played this game, but after this price drop and the addition included on the disc, I might give it a try.  Want to get this game? Don't have enough cash? Get it for free from Points2Shop.
Engadget once again got some good news. Playstation 3 Slim bundle with a 250GB HDD and Uncharted 2 was leaked. Price and release date info has been announsed yet, but some website confirmed its legitimacy. I personally think it's an awesome idea to bundle those two together. If you haven't bought a ps3 yet, this is the best time to do it. It is still hot and will be around for a long time. So, save up and get your system today! or wait for the bundle, for that matter.
DId you think this was gonna be a hot game? Well, it wasn't, it kind of failed. It only sold 106k copies on all three systems, ps3, xbox 360, and PC. This game has nothing new to offer and is running on an eight year old engine. Most people say that campaign was ok, but online totally sucked. I, myself, will not get this game, unless its down to 15-20 dollars. 
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Just watched this interview and looked at the graphics of the game, and I must say, it's going to be awesome! The graphics look absolutly amazing and this game should be a lot of fun. Even though Uncharted 1 wasn't as successesful as it should have been, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will be one of the hottest game this year! As the Director in the video said, they almost maxed out the ps3, which means this game will look stunning!Release Date: October 13, 2009 Enough of me babbling, check out this video for yourself:
There were some people that have played Uncharted 2 already, but it was very exclusive. September 15th the demo is coming out for everyone who pre-order it from GameStop, and on the first of October for everyone else. From what I've read on the internet, this game should be amazing! This game might not have the best multiplayer, but single player should be amazing. The story is interesting and doesn't get you bored. Well, have fun kids!
Guess what? Thats right, this new gameplay was leaked on the internet yesterday. This is a simple gameplay of the new upcoming awesome game, Modern Warfare! To me, it looks like "zombie" gameplay and it looks amazing. Get this game for free from Points2Shop. (pre-order from amazon.com)
Here is another video of Modern Warfare 2, this looks more like a single player campaign. Even though someone used a really crappy cideo camera to record this, graphics still look pretty impressive. This game should be an awesome addition to my COD collection. 
Final Fantasy XIII is a console role-playing game being developed by Square Enix. It is stated to be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 in Japan, and on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Europe and North America. This awesome next-gen game will be released on Dec 31, 2010. It is already available for pre-order from Amazon.com. If you are exited about this game as much as I am you can go ahead and pre-order it right now, or you can get it for free from here Points2Shop.com