They did it again, another map pack for this great game. It will be out tomorrow. I love this game and I play it a lot. I'm both happy and mad about this update. First of all, I have already spend almost 90 bucks on this game (well, maybe I didn't, I got this game for free from Points2Shop, and bought the maps with Free PSN Cards) and I'm not happy about paying another $9.99 + Taxes for these maps. I think they should have did what they did with Killzone 2, each map pack at 6 bucks and all three for 13 dollars, now that sounds like a great deal, doesn't it? Well, anyways I don't think I will be getting this, at least not now, I just spent my Free PSN Card on Battlefield: 1943, which is a great game by the way.  Here is what Joystiq said about this map pack:
"we'd like to point out that the game's developer, Treyarch, has finally gone all the way off the deep end and thrown in teleporters. Between the Nazi zombies and now this, we're getting all verklempt for the old days with Wolfenstein. What fun we had! Anyway, if this is your kind of thing, get your 800 ($10) and $9.99 ready to go for when the pack digitally arrives on XBLM and PSN (respectively) tomorrow."
COD:WAW Map Pack 3
COD:WAW Map Pack 3
free_call_of_duty_world_at_war2_map_pack 3
COD:WaW Map Pack 3


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