Sony has lost $4.7 billion this year...
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Sony's recently released FY Q2 2009 financial report, which included not such pretty numbers for invertors. The loss is from the company's "networked products and services" which included video games hardware and software sales.  The biggest impact was the decrease of PS2 hardware and software unit sales. PS3 has lost Sony $4.965 billion! That sure is a big number, but it's not that bad if you look at other system.
Some of the good news; since the price drop, ps3 has been doing great! PS3 is outselling Xbox 360 and other consoles! Since the new 'Slim Ps3' "the differece between sales and materials cost has been reduced to between 10 and 20%. Within the year, it could be in the single digits." Sony CFO Nobuyuki Oneda later added, "we'll be able to reach profitability at some point in the next term." I think he is absolutely right! PS3 sales jumped 800,000 year-over-year with the launch of the slim.


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