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Very simple, I will post some of the free prizes that I have received here! Click on a picture below to read more about the prizes I got. I got a lot of cool prizes including Free PayPal Cash, PS3 Games and much more! If you have received a prize from Points2Shop, contact me and I will post it here, but for now, it's my prizes only!

Free Ipod Touch Proof

This is my most valuable prize from Points2Shop. After receiving Burnout Paradise and CoD: World at War for PS3 I kept on doing offers and playing games, even though I didn't plan on getting anything. Once I got close 170-180 dollars in my account, I decided to choose something that would be a real proof and something I would truly enjoy. I chose the newest version of Ipod Touch, the 8 gbs one. After a day or two I finally had 200 dollars and only needed 8 more to get my Free Ipod Touch. Since the sale was going to end in 1-2 days, some of my friends on Points2Shop lended me enough points to buy it that day. Two days later my order was approved and my Free Ipod Touch was on its way to me! A couple of days passed and when I came home from school for lunch there was a box at my door. Here is a video of what happened next:

Me Unboxing my 8bg Ipod Touch, Free From Points2Shop!

My Free Ipod Touch:

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Free Ipod Touch
Free Ipod Touch_2
Free Ipod Touch_3

Free PS3 DualShock Controller Proof:

This time I had about 200 dollars in my account and was wondering about what should I get. A couple days later, one of mine controllers for my PS3 broke (left stick keep sticking to the left, its fine if you play campaign, but really annoying if you try to snipe online agains other peole) So, I decided to get a Free DualShock Controller and Battlefield: Bad Company, I added BF: Bad Company just because I was getting free shipping if I order over 25 dollars. Even though I got it to get free shipping, I love the game! Back to my controller, here is a video of me unboxing it. It also includes one of the games. (check the Free PS3 Games Proof section for more)

Unboxing Of My Brand New Free PS3 DualShock Controller and Battlefield: Bad Company

Free DualShock 3 PS3 Controller:

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Free ps3 DualShock Controller

Unboxing My Free PS3 Controller:

Free Xbox 360 Controller Proof:

Just got this Xbox 360 controller in the mail and I'm really happy! It's going be a present for a friend or maybe I will give it away on here, on my website. My first Xbox 360 controller was a black one and it only worked with an Xbox 360. This one, on the other hand, is a Xbox 360 and Windows controller. You can play any Microsoft  games on your computer. You will be able to use this controller on you PC just as you would use it on your Xbox 360. If you are interested in getting a Free XBox 360 controller yourself, check out Points2Shop.
Free Xbox 360 Controller

Xbox 360 Controller Proof Pictures:

Free Xbox 360 Controller

Free PS3 & Xbox 360 Games Proof:

This is the main reason why I joined Points2Shop, to get Free Games! Free Games is what attracked me to Points2Shop and I got hooked! First, I went for Burnout Paradise. It was only 18 bucks and I got enough points very fast, even though I was new and had no clue what I was doing. I got my game in less than five games and I was amazed! FREE GAME! I couldn't believe it, I always thought that all these sites were scams and just wanted me to waste my time. I was wrong, they game was in like new condition and I'm still playing it. After that day I told everyone I knew about this site and especially my gamer friends. Most of them still use it and love it! After playing my Free Burnout Paradise for a couple hours, I was back on Points2Shop, earning more points to get the next game. Few days later my CoD: World at War was on its way to me. I always wanted World at War since I already owned Modern Warfare, but I couldn't afford it. This way I was getting Free Cod: World at War and having fun at the same time! Yes, you can have fun on Points2Shop, there are games and a lottery and contests and much more! People are great on Points2Shop and love to help new users.

Some of the Free Games I got:

Free Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Since I wrote the above paragraph, I have order another 2 FREE games. One of them, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, has already arrived and I unbox it in the video to the right. The order game I ordered is Modern Warfare 2, it doesn't come out for another week or so, so I have a not received it yet. I will upload a video when i get it and post a picture here.

Unboxing My Free Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Free Modern Warfare 2

As I mentioned in my previous update, I ordered the hottest game available right now for free from Points2Shop. I'm of course talking about Modern Warfare 2. I've ordered the game few months ago, I had a lot of points and didn't really know what to order. So, I decided to pre-order Modern Warfare 2. I saw few trailers and the game looked good. The game was shipped to me on the same day it was released and delivered to me in 2 days or on the 12th of November. The only reason Modern Warfare 2 took 2 days to ship is because it was a Veteran's Day and we don't get mail.

I've been playing the game for 2 days and it's a great game, but for some reason it feels just like Modern Warfare 1. Don't get me wrong I love the game, it has great new weapons, upgrades, perks etc. So, if you loved Modern Warfare 1 or World at War, you will love Modern Warfare 2. Don't hesitate and order yours today! Especially since you can get it for free at Points2Shop.

Unboxing My Free Modern Warfare 2

Free PayPal Cash Proof:

Here is another reason I love Points2Shop. You can simply switch to Cashle (sister site, no need to register again, same log in) and earn cash! You can withdraw your cash to your PayPal, E-Gold, Liberty Reserve,and Alertpay accounts. You can also get gift cards, they have gift cards from GameStop, Target, BestBuy and FutureShop. You can also get a check sent to you. All these options are great, but most people just withdraw to PayPal, its easy and convenient. I, myself, have received a lot of free cash sent to my PayPal. Look at all of the Free PayPal Cash pictures and you can see how awesome this site is.

Free PayPal Cash Proof:

Free PayPal Cash Proof
Free PayPal Cash

Free Zune 30gb

Here is my latest prize! It a Red Zune 30gb. Here is another proof how awesome Points2Shop is. Zune 30gb is pretty old, but I still wanted to get it to use in my car. It has a huge 30gb hard drive and can hold a lot of music! It also has a radio which my Ipod Touch doesn't have. Please watch the video and rate it if you like it! Join the Points2Shop and get your own prizes! It's so easy! Read more about Points2Shop.

Other Cool Prize I've Gotten...

I got a lot of free games from Points2shop. So, when I had about 40 dollars worth of points in my account, I decided to buy something I always wanted, but never really wanted to spend money on. I order a IDE/SATA to USB Enclosure. Now I can easily back my ps3, my laptop, my desktop or anything else I want to back up! This order got approved in less than a day and was shipped to my house in 1 day! Check out the unboxing in the video to the right of here.